Spoke Motorcycle Festival

Spoke Motorcycle Festival was born out of a love of motorcycles but even more so, the love of the motorcycle lifestyle. Friendships born from a common interest. If you have nothing at all in common but you ride a motorbike, then you automatically have an understanding of what it's like to connect with life through riding on two wheels.

Brett went to a motorcycle information evening in Launceston, Tasmania at a local motorcycle company. About 40 people having a few beers sharing their passion and stories of their motorbikes and their two wheeled adventures. "I thought, there has got to be more of this. It's not just the motorcycle conversations but it's just bloody good mental health. A group of people connecting through their common passion. Leaving their day to day behind to spend time with like minded people and creating new friendships."

"I've never met a bad bloke who rides a motorbike. And if I have, he's wearing a helmet most of the time anyway!" Anonymous.

So Brett went to work creating Spoke Motorcycle Festival. With the idea of providing a platform for motorcyclists to connect, share their stories, their bikes, enjoy some light hearted racing and introduce their family and friends to the love of motorcycles and the motorcycle lifestyle. It was a couple of months into the creation of the event that Brett came across The Malle Mile. It was like two blokes on the other side of the world had already created what Brett was dreaming up! Bloody brilliant he thought. Brett reached out to Robert and Jonny who responded offering support and encouragement for the event set to get underway on the East Coast of Tasmania in 2022.

Tasmania, Australia is the perfect backdrop for this festival, with some of the worlds best motorbike roads, be it tarmac, gravel roads or completely off the beaten track. We have something for everyone. The Festival is set on one of the East Coasts beautiful beaches, equal to any coastline in the world. The perfect setting for enjoying some great motorcycling fun and then wind down of an evening with some great Tassie food, wine, beer and music whilst chatting with new found and old friends about the days adventures.

Brett spoke to many, many people about the festivals, individuals, companies, groups and associations. It wasn't long before Brett came across Josh from Hard Enduro Adventures Tasmania (HEAT). After a few conversations and a common interest, Josh was onboard. We're lucky to have HEAT running the Enduro event at the festival. Festival attendees will be able to see some of the Enduro track right on the festival grounds.

What People Are Saying On Facebook

This! In Tassie?

"This! In Tassie? The gods have not forsaken us after all it would seem......"

Dwain Evans

Super Stoked...

"Super stoked to see this event Nicely done."

Steven Holdway

Fantastic Weekend...

"...thank you for organising such a fantastic weekend! What a great crowd too!"

Stan Burgess

Bloody Awesome...

"I'm here it was a bloody awesome first night."

Cindy Woods

Absolutely Amazing...

"Absolutely amazing event so far guys. Can't wait to see next years festival."

Jodie Riley

New Family Ritual...

"Absolutely a new family ritual! Had an absolute blast thank you so much to everyone for the tireless efforts made!"

Megan Howard

Brilliant Event...

"Brilliant event. Had a ball. See you next year."

Chris Wilcock

Awesome Job Legends...

"Awesome job legends. See you next year."

Jimi Steele

Had A Great Time...

"Had a great time, huge thanks for all the great organizing and bring on next year! See you then."

Geoff Sumner (Sydney)

Great Weekend...

"Great weekend - well organised & catered for everyone."

Bronwyn McCrostie

Moto Polo Was So Much Fun...

"Moto Polo was so much fun to watch I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Cindy Woods

Do Yourself A Favour...

Do yourself a favour and get along to the Spoke Motorcycle Festival next year. Location perfect and coupled with good old fashioned hospitality. Suitable for all riders and abilities in a laid back atmosphere..... Put it on your bucket list for next year, NOW.

Greg Casimaty

We Had A Great Time...

"We had a great time, camping was fun and easy with our tent. The ground was level and there was plenty of room. The entertainment was absolutley fantastic. Food was nice and a good selection of alcohol reasonably priced. The racing was great with sensible courses marked out for competitors of all skill levels. Everyone who attended was courteous and well mannered and we met heaps of interesting people. Would we go again? You bet! Can't wait for next year."

Rowan Eiszele

We Had The Most Fun...

"We had the most fun we've had for a longtime and our little boys were safe and comfortable! I thoroughly enjoyed ..... meeting so many beautiful happy faces, all so excited to get out and enjoy their great love of bikes. ..... I'm so glad to have been able to help out. Great effort ..... all involved. A wonderful family event and the best part, its on our doorstep. Thankyou."

Elaine Byers

Australia's Burt Munro...

"This is Australia's version of the Burt Munro Festival."

Dean Sever