Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! There will be activities for kids to do. We are on the beach so bring a bucket and spade.

Where on the East Coast of Tassie is it?

All the destination information is right here: Destination.

Will there be food and drink there?

Yes, there definitely will be! There will be numerous local food vans on site providing drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as great Tassie, beer and wine.

Can I bring more than one bike?

Bring as many as you like and enter them in different race classes. One rider, different bikes = multiple events = more riding.

Is there camping?

There sure is! On site camping is available and encouraged! Don't miss a second of the action by staying right where the action is.

Is there accommodation close by?

There sure is! Don't miss a second of the action by staying close by! There is accommodation at Swansea, Orford and Triabunna. I'd get in quick.

What if I have never raced a motorbike before?

Don't worry, you won't be alone. This event is for exactly that purpose. We have events for everyone from complete beginner to advanced. Check the race descriptions for the best race for you.

I have an old bike, would you be interested in displaying it?

Hell yeah! Send us an email and a photo of your bike. We'd like to chat.

I'd like to bring my other half along but they don't race, will there be stuff for them to do?

We want as many other halves as we can get. Motorcycling should be about the whole family, so yes, there will be plenty to keep everyone interested. If nothing else they can sit on the beautiful beach and read a book whilst staring off over the sea. Ah, the serenity!.

Will my bike be safe?

We will take every precaution to ensure your bike stays safe whilst at the festival but we encourage everyone at the festival to also take all necessary precautions to keep your bike safe just as you would outside the festival.

Is there insurance cover for participants of the festival racing?

Yes. Every race entrant, once they have purchased a race ticket, must become a member of AMA (Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs Ltd) in order to participate in the racing events. You can get a temporary membership for a single event and this will be $20 AUD.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, but not this year. With loud motorbikes and a noise sensitive animal plus on a property with live stock, we'll have to say no. We don't want to rule it out in future years if we can find a way around it.

Can I bring my caravan?

YES! Originally, this was a 'no'. We have discussed this with the landowner and got permission to have caravans on site. So hitch the van on, and we'll see you there!

What if it rains?

Skin doesn't leak! This is an all weather event, so we are going ahead! Maybe bring your gumboots, or galoshes, or wellingtons (no crocs!) depending where you are from.

Will there be a mechanic on site?

Yes, but they'll probably be racing or drinking beer so they may not be able to fix your bike. Be sure to bring your tools along in case you have to tighten the odd bolt.

Why is it so expensive?

There is months and months of work that goes into producing an event like this, not to mention the thousands of dollars sent on security, bands, stages, insurance, toilets, hospitality, setup, infrastructure, marquees and so on.

But rest assured, you'll have a great time!

Why is it so cheap?

Because we have done everything we possibly can to keep the prices down as low as we can and still run a safe and successful event.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

This is a non-BYO event. Due to liquor licensing regulations, you can’t bring in your own alcohol to the festival. A variety of alcohol will be provided at reasonable prices.

Do you have to be double vaccinated?

This is a tricky one to answer! The Department of Health have stated that people who are not double vaccinated are allowed to attend events under a certain number. As at February the 13th we have not yet hit that number. That number is also due to increase on March the 1st, 3 days before the event. See our predicament? If you are not double vaccinated and you buy or have bought a ticket and we go over the number of attendees specified by the Department of Health, we will refund your ticket.