Glamping & Camping

Don't miss a second of the action. Stay on-site for the ultimate SPOKE experience.

Non-BYO Alcohol Event

This is a Non-BYO Alcohol event. Due to our Liquor License you are not allowed to bring alcohol onto the festival grounds. Cars, bags, motorbikes, caravans and motorhomes will be searched and alcohol confiscated. Bringing your own alcohol into to event could have us closed down and it would be ruined for everyone. We really appreciate your adherance to this in advance.

There will be a wide variety of reasonably priced alcohol available at the festival.

Signed: The Fun Police!


If you are trying to convince your other half that camping is a good thing, this might be your chance.

At the festival you'll get the best accommodation we have on site, you'll be glamping under the stars, with a bottle of wine waiting for your arrival. We have you in one of our onsite glamping tents that will be set up ready for your arrival with the best view of the festival going around. Turn up on your motorbike with a change of undies and you're good to go.

Just grab your glamping ticket on the ticket page.

glamping incldues:

- Double Bed

- Cotton Sheets

- Pillows

- Blanket per bed

- Cushions

- Floor rug (for other side of pole / opposite where bed is)

- Decorative bunting

- Lights for entry guide rope


Staying on site for 3 days is certainly where you will have the most fun. Crazy if you don't! This puts you right near the start line for the days racing. Head over to the main hub to grab breakfast and a coffee from the food vans and you're only a short walk away after you've finished rocking away to the great music the night before. You can even join in the Yoga / Stretch Session on the beach in the morning.

Plus the view out your tent window of Tassie's amazing East Coast will be spectacular! Just head to the ticket page to get your camping ticket.


If you'd prefer to stay in your caravan or motorhome for the festival then you are more than welcome we will have a designated caravan area on the festival grounds.

Just make sure when you get your camping ticket you also add your free 'caravan pass'.

On-Site Facilities

There will be everything you need on-site; toilets, water, food will all be available. We are trying to organise some on-site showers but will have to keep you posted on that.