Program & Races

The idea behind the festival is that we wanted everyone to be able to join in a race, regardless of the type of bike you own or your level of experience. We want to offer you the chance to compete in a safe non-threatening environment. From scooters to scramblers, Harleys to enduros, they'll be something for you to have a go at and enjoy. And you'll have a great story to tell.


All riders (Competitive and Non-Competitive) must register with Motorcycling Australia and have a relative and current MA License before the festival to ensure you are covered by our event insurance. This cost is in addition to your race registration ticket. $78 for a One Event Competition license (all over 18's wishing to race at the festival), or $32 One Event Recreational License (for all 4 to 17 year olds wishing to take part in the non-competitive activities). Or if you already have an MA License you just need to show proof when registering. See MA website for more info.

Limited Numbers

All races will only have limited numbers available to ensure we can get through all our races. First in best dressed. Be sure to enter early.

All Weather

This is an all weather event. It will go ahead rain, hail or shine.

In order to enter a race, you must be 18 years old or over, have a current Motorcycle License (or passed an MA competency test - preferably completed prior to Spoke, contact MA TAS to find out how), completed your MA Registration and got your MA License for insurance, completed a race waiver and self-scrutineering form for all bikes entered. Once you have purchased your race registration ticket you will receive an email. Within this email there will be a link to enter your bike and the race(s) and class(es) you wish to enter in, plus links to all required forms. We'd love to think we can accept all entries, but they will have to be approved by the Spoke race team.


Race Type Description Track Reqirements
Slalom Left, Right, Left, Right - 250m Grass Knobbly tires.
Grass Track Loop track of corners - 400m Grass Knobbly tires.
Sprint Straight 100m Grass Anything. You brought it, you can race it.
Moto Polo Teams of 4. Large soccer ball. Small field. Grass Knobbly tires. Under 250cc
Slow Race Through abstacles, without stopping. Slowest person wins. Grass Anything.
Gymkhana Set obstacle course. Grass Anything.
Beach Race Around barrels. Head to head. Sand Knobbly tires.
Postie Bike Race Deliver Letters. Head to head. Grass Knobbly tires. Postie Bike.
4-Hour Team Enduro Teams of 2 to 4. Last the distance v's other teams. All Terrain Suitable Bike.
Demo Display Trials and other displays...

Event Classes

Event Classes Description
Classics All vintage motorcycles pre 1979
Customs Heavily modified customs, scramblers, choppers, cafe racers etc
Women are encouraged to race in any race they like but this category is just for them.
Light Scooters, Mopeds, anything under 250cc
Open Everything else.
Antiques All vintage motorcycles pre 1949
Postie Bike Australian Postie Bike of any vintage