At Spoke we have tried to cater for everybody, we want as many people as we can to enjoy the thrill of racing a motorcycle. Yes, scooters too! However, we have to limit the amount of Race Registration tickets available so those that do have a ticket get decent time on the bike. We've also tried to vary the races available so there is a class for all.

Can I race multiple bikes in different classes? Yes you can. Once you receive your Race Registration ticket you will receive an email with a link to register, here you can choose your races and classes. As well as add multiple bikes into the same race but under a different class. Clear as mud! Email us if you get stuck.



Buy Multiple Tickets in the one transaction, from the one household and recieve up to 30% off the price of the subsequent tickets.

All Racers must hold a valid MA endorsement and license for insurance purposes. See below for further details.

You Must Be Over 18 To Race At The Festival

SPOKE Juniors

Breeding our next batch of Spoke Racers!

This year at Spoke 4 to 17-year-olds can take part in the non-competitive motorcycle activities by purchasing (or at least Mum and Dad will) a ‘4 - 17 Years Old Non-Racing Ride Pass’ for the 3 Days or for Single Days. Once you have purchased this ticket you will need to register with Motorcycling Australia and get a $32 ‘One Event Recreation License’. You will also undergo a competency test conducted by a Motorcycling Australia official, encouraging safe riding for our next generation. Of course, you may already have a license and endorsement if you have participated in other events. Either way you will have to show evidence of these along with your Self Scrutineering form and Race Waiver (both completed by a parent or guardian) when registering at the festival.

There will be designated riding areas for our 4 – 17 year olds and the same rules apply to all juniors as they do to seniors including safety gear, riding times and speeds whilst moving around the festival grounds. You will get a lot more info on how to sign up and register after purchasing your ticket.

2024 Tickets On Sale


IMPORTANT - Insurance Registration

EVERY RACE PARTICIPANT and NON-COMPETITIVE RIDER (all riders 4 - 17yo) need to have a relevant and current Motorcycling Australia license in order to race or ride at the festival. We have been able to keep the cost of insurance for the event down by becoming an affiliated club with Motorcycling Australia. MA have a couple of types of licenses relevant to this event: a One Event Competition License ($78) suitable for all over 18's wishing to race at the festival. Or a One Event Recreational License ($32) suitable for 4 - 17 year olds wishing to ride in the NON COMPETITIVE activities at the festival. These costs are in addition to festival tickets.

When you purchase your ticket you will receive an email that outlines how this process is done with a guide available to step you through it. If you already have an appropriate Motorcycling Australia license you are good to go. Just have to show proof of your license when you register to race at the festival.

Anyone wishing to ride a motorcycle at the festival (competitive or non-competitive), either needs to hold a current Australian Motorcycle License or pass a Motorcycling Australia competency test (this can be completed on site at the festival. This includes under 18's participating in non-competitive activities.